RLS – Lender Software

Renovation Lending Software’s goal is to provide the renovation lending community with all the tools they need to be successful. Our HUD Consultant locating service at 203KHudConsultants.com is just one of the many features we offer. From the contractor validation to the final draw, our software can help your company stay organized, save time, and close more loans.

Why use a Software program?

In order to truly be successful in the Renovation Lending business, it’s important to have the right tools for the job. Imagine a contractor trying to build a house with a hammer vs a nail gun. They wouldn’t be a very efficient builder, would they? The same analogy can be used for lenders who don’t use a good renovation management system. Generating forms, managing draws, and so many other time–consuming tasks become automated and streamlined with the right Renovation Lending Software. Not to mention the need to stay in compliance. Imagine being able to quickly and easily see every contractor or consultant you have worked with. Or quickly see when the last project was done with a certain contractor in order to easily pull their w9 or insurance from the old file. These are just a few examples of how RLS can help you improve your Renovation Loan Dept.